Welcome to my web page. I’m Daniel Fentham a PhD student studying in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. My research focuses on security and interpretability of AI models.

Thesis title: Bayesian Geometric Deep Learning for Cyber Security. The particulars of my thesis proposal can be found here (this is a bit old now and we’ve changed direction a bit since!).

My supervisors are Professor Mark Ryan and Professor Dave Parker!

This website aims to be a collection of things I’ve learned over the years and need to remember! This includes posts which contribute directly or indirectly to my PhD, along with some other fun things if I find the time. I’ve been pretty bad at posting in the past since I haven’t been comfortable with a piece if I haven’t thoroughly checked it through multiple times to ensure everything I’m saying is correct. This adds a lot of mental overhead which means that I just don’t post. This year (2024) I’ve decided to take a different approach where I’ll be adding blog posts in any state, with the idea that these will act as living documents which change and evolve as I learn new things, correct mistakes and develop different opinions. So, just like with ChatGPT, I hope that these posts are interesting, but don’t blindly believe them without doing some research of your own!


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